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Emphasis in Debtor Bankruptcy Representation.

Conner Law Firm provides services focused primarily in debtor bankruptcy representation.  With that said, I am an experienced trial attorney, with numerous jury trials involving high level felonies, severe injury accidents, and miscellaneous civil litigation in general.  If for some reason I either cannot, or am not the best person to represent you in your matter, I can refer you to other counsel as necessary.

Although you may have been raised to believe that bankruptcy was a bad thing, and it was shameful to file bankruptcy, I feel confident that I can change your mind, given the opportunity.   I can also assure you that even though you may feel frightened or embarrassed, everything will be okay.  Bankruptcy was written to HELP you and NOT to embarrass you.

There are several chapters of bankruptcy under which you may seek relief and it is important that you receive competent, honest assistance in making a determination as to which chapter is best for you and your circumstance.  It is also YOUR choice as to which bankruptcy you file, so don’t let anybody tell you that you MUST file a particulate Chapter of bankruptcy.  Some attorneys, and/or their staff, may attempt to push you in a direction that generates the highest attorney fee, but may not be the best direction for YOU.  I am an experienced bankruptcy attorney and I will assist YOU in making the decision as to which bankruptcy is in your best interest.

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